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BWWB University named #10 in Top 125 World Wide Rankings by Training Magazine

The BWWB Training team has developed and implemented leadership programs to support the organization's commitment to fostering an environment that facilitates training to enhance the skills of its employees to prepare the organization for the future. Some 117 employees have enrolled in BWWB's leadership programs, and 60 of them have graduated. Of these graduates, 37 have been promoted (62%) year to date. The quality of BWWB's leadership programs is represented by the high percentage of graduate promotions. The development and implementation of these leadership programs successfully demonstrates BWWB's commitment to its strategic goal/objective to "train the workforce to enhance innovative knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve system operations."

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BWWB University - 2017 Class Schedule

BWWB University is committed to creating and fostering an environment that facilitates and enhances the skills, training, and career development of employees. We provide developmental opportunities so that employees may maintain and develop their skills, adapt to changing workplace needs and fulfill their employment potential within their Organization.

* All CEH credit subject to ADEM approval.

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