Operation Operator

Operation Operator is an innovative approach to help prepare Individuals for the Grade IV operator certification exam. Throughout this program, 4 Operators (students) will be hired as interns working at all 4 of the Birmingham Water Works Board filter plants. 1 day out of the week, all 4 students will be brought together to go through each of the course topics listed below via BWWB University E-learn system. Students will also have reading assignments, objective tests, and assessments to go along with each of the topics below. Each course will count for 2 hours towards student’s education and training. The training will be in 4 modules (separated by color) at the end of each module students will receive 8 Continuing Education Hours.

Introduction to Water Treatment (16 hours)

  • Water Treatment Processes (2 hours)
  • Treatment of Water at the Source (2 hours)
  • Preliminary Treatment (2 hours)
  • Water Coagulation and Flocculation (2 hours)
  • Sedimentation Basins and Clarifiers (2 hours)
  • Filtration (2 hours)
  • Disinfection (2 hours)
  • Fluoridation (2 hours)

Advanced Water Treatment (16 hours)

  • Control of Corrosion and Scaling (2 hours)
  • Iron and Manganese Control (2 hours)
  • Lime Softening (2 hours)
  • Ion Exchange (2 hours)
  • Adsorption (2 hours)
  • Aeration (2 hours)
  • Membrane Processes (2 hours)
  • Water Treatment Plant Residuals (2 hours)

Please contact us to sign up for this program, or to ask any questions about the program.